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What is a mop?

A mop is a cleaning tool typically constructed of absorbent materials at the end of a long pole. The absorbent materials are soaked in water or some combination of water and cleaning fluid and then dragged over dirty floors to clean up any dust, dirt, or debris. Mops can also be used dry to pick up loose dirt and the like, and they are often used in place of a broom.


Choosing the right floor mop for the job

When it comes to floor cleaning/ care, choosing the right mop for your job is extremely important. Certain mops are designed for specific applications. Failure to choose the right mop for the job could damage your mop and more importantly, your floor. Mop selection can be daunting, especially since many mops might look alike at first glance. Before yoou buy your next mop, here is quick guide with some tips on what features to consider.


        Looped end

  • Although the initial cost is slightly higher, these mop heads deliver longer life with superior on-the-floor performance and greater productivity. Loop end mop heads may be more expensive however lopp end mop heads can be laundered and reused multiple times. This mop head is less likely to fray or unravel. A tail band assures wide, gap-free “spread” for maximum productivity. Tail bands also eliminate yarn tangling and snagging. Looped end mop heads can be laundered and reused over and over. They last far longer than cut-end mop heads. These mop heads come in Small, Medium, and Large. Loped-end mop heads are made of high quality materials for dependability. 

       Cut end

  • These mop heads are the economical solution, being generally lowest in initial cost. Over time, cut-end mop heads will fray and unravel, creating lint and leaving loose strands behind. In addition, cut end mop heads leave gaps between yarn strands and have limited "spread", thus covering less area per pass. Some models have tail bands, which reduce these shortcomings. Since cut-end mop heads should not be laundered, their useful life is limited.


Yarn Type


  • Cotton is a common material for mop heads. Cotton fibers mop are popular because of their low initial cost, limited shrinkage and great absorption. Cotton picks up 2 to 3 times its weight. We offer several piles of cotton each designed for particular tasks from everyday mopping to highly abrasive surfaces. Cotton mops are the economical choice, designed for general use and scrubbing and for cleaning up liquid.



  • Rayon fibers have fast absorption. They are mildew resistant, lint less and dry fast. Rayon is designed to pick up 6 to 7 times its weight but it has no retention capabilities and, therefore, is an excellent finish mop.



  • Blends combine all the advantages of several different fibers to provide the ideal balance of price, performance, and appearance. Blends mop are a mixture rayon, cotton and poly. Highly absorbent, blends pick up and hold 6 to 7 times their weight. 



  • Microfiber mops are grest for your home and business. The individual fibers are split to allow the mops to pick up and hold dust, dirt and even liquid better than a cotton or synthetic mop. Microfiber mops are constructed with 100% continuous filament microfiber woven fabrics sewn into the tubes, which makes this the best yarn for lint-free mopping applications. The microfiber yarn increases the surface friction for superior cleaning as compared to traditional wet mops. Microfiber mops allow you to clean smarter and not harder. 

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